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Business Performance Management


This website has been written to give the reader an overview of business management from strategic analysis and planning to day-to-day management. It draws on my decades of experience as an executive and non-executive director across a range of industries. It takes the disciplined approach of larger businesses and develops some useful toolkits for small to medium businesses and organisations.
It also draws on decades of providing small business support and being a business investment angel.

This information is not meant to stifle the great innovation and free thinking that exists in small, growing companies. It is meant to complement those initiatives with some useful tools that give them a much greater chance of being successful. Many entrepreneurs and small businesses fail not because of a poor idea, but because of poor analysis and execution. Too many companies and their managers have either forgotten or never knew about the quality basics of running a business. This website will explain the key elements of business performance management.

It is intended to provide a framework to understand where these elements fit along with enough detail to give a good understanding of a range of toolkits. The reader can use the sections of this website as a checklist to see whether their business is addressing all the basic areas of business performance management. All the techniques mentioned here can be applied to any business. The level of detail applicable to your business will depend on its size and complexity, but the underlying principles are valid for even very small businesses. The business performance management framework incorporates areas where distinct toolkits can be used.  
The website incorporates the following areas:  
• The Toolkits
• Strategy Toolkit
• Business Planning Toolkit
• Marketing Toolkit
• Operations Toolkit
• Portfolio Management Toolkit
• Tracking Toolkit
• Making it happen in Your Business

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The information in this website is based on a book by Dr Eileen Doyle. If you would like the full information and sample toolkits you can buy the book through clicking on the link :-
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