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Our website is currently being upgraded to reflect the dynamic Innovation climate in the Hunter

In the meantime you may like to read about some of our many Hunter Founders Forum Success Stories


The Crucible Group

A Newcastle based company that has developed an innovative and efficient pyrolysis gasification system capable of converting most forms of biomass (such as green waste, contaminated coal) either into a combustible gas which can be used for power generation or heating, or produce biochar, which can be used to help reclaim and improve degraded land. Angel funded.

Flocktu Pty Ltd

The Flocktu event management software provides online registration and can update speaker profiles, schedules, venue locations and maps, latest news, photos and videos and last minute changes in real time via a smart phone or computer. The business is gaining momentum and has secured the Australian Rugby Union and several other high profile organisations both here in Australia and overseas. Angel funded.

Elemental Energy

This company is developing an innovative tidal generator. First prototype has been developed and is being tested. Angel funded.


This company has an Innovative product for waste paint management, equipment cleaning and waste disposal technology. It is self funding. They refocused their business following HFF guidance. It is a growing business and is developing a market in India.

Ocular Robotics

Highly Innovative sensing, sight and pointing technology. HFF guidance on business investment and market proposition. Secured several military contracts. This company has reached stage 1 ASSOB funding.

Evolution Tankers

A Clean Bulk Liquids Tankers that could carry loads in both directions with no return empty situations. This company partnered with a bulk haulage group and produced a tanker for trials. They obtained private equity funding and formed alliances with a number of Australian liquid haulage companies.

Intelligent Plastics

This company invented plastic tags that change colour as food ripens changes for customers to know when to eat/cook etc. They partnered with CSIRO Food Research to complete development and put the product with supermarkets to test in real situations for customers. Alliances were established with food suppliers for market testing etc.


This company is in Environmental Services. They sell a monitoring and recording instrument for environment authorities. Test/sample instruments are being placed with government authorities for field trials. They have moved to ASSOB for funding support. Angel funded.

Clarity Pharmaceuticals

Clarity is a company focused on the discovery and development of tailored diagnostics and therapeutics. Developing the next generation of radiopharmaceuticals for the nuclear medicine industry. Clarity’s core technology is a range of proprietary chelators used in medical imaging for labeling antibodies and peptides. Angel funded.

Barefoot Power

This company develops solar cell powered lights/cooking items for native villages. It is UN endorsed and supported. The Federal Government Development Fund and philanthropic groups have supported this company. There are significant sales to African Countries.


This company develops small scale wind turbines for mounting on lighting poles in remote areas and for use in developing countries. The sizes are up to10kW and can supply small villages and lighting for specific areas requiring security etc. They are supported by overseas aid projects into Asian and African countries.

RFID ‘n’ Print

This company is a wrist band manufacturer with digital RFID coding incorporated for transaction activities without cash. The products are used by theme and fun parks, tourist groups, entertainment promotions, sports programs, art/culture events & programs etc. They are selling in Australia/NZ/USA/Middle East/Europe/Asia.
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